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We have established one of the leading Plant Tonic manufacturing units in India. At High-Tech Agriculum, we manufacture eco-friendly, organic, safe and tested nutrient-based formula, applicable for various non-traditional and traditional crops. Our Headquarter is in Bengaluru, and since 2000, we have been striving to provide you with the best plant food supplement. Our product helps you to increase the productivity in every acre and you will find an improvement of more than 80 percent in the production of crops. We have distributed our products in different countries, including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, Australia, Switzerland, Chile, and UAE.


To provide the best nutrients to the plants to optimize their performance

92午夜免费福利757To make sure that there is no safety issue to plant foods

To offer proven products to all our customers

Our products are effective for soil & plants

We always make a different approach for managing the soil, plants, pesticide, nutrition, insect and disease. Our scientifically formulated organic products reduce your input costs. We have developed every solution, based on the crops and plant traits.

From High Tech Agriculum, you will get

We have highly sophisticated factory, where we use the new technologies to find out the best techniques for crop management. Our team also uses drones for gathering data and for tracking the crop growth in different farmlands. We have manufactured products for cultivating cashew nut, sandalwood, rubber, arecanut and different other crops.


Jhon Smith

Sandalwood G

With an objective to increase the growth of Sandalwood Girth and obtain a healthy plantation, we developed an eco-friendly and safe granules called "Sandalwood G" through extensive research. Read more
Jhon Smith

Sandalwood Booster

It is a safe, non-toxic & Functional way for better growth in Sandalwood. Sandalwood Booster is a unique Liquid formulation which helps in boosting the growth of the plants. Read more
Jhon Smith

Melia G

With an objective to accelerate root & shoot growth of Meliabubia plant, we developed an eco-friendly and safe granules called "Melia G" through extensive research. Read more
Jhon Smith

Melia Booster

It is a safe, non-toxic & Functional way for better growth of MeliaDubia Plant. Melia Booster is a unique Liquid formulation which helps in boosting the growth of the plants. Read more

Sandalwood production using our products

92午夜免费福利757Sandal, with its scientific name, Santalum album, has its origin in Indian Peninsula. This evergreen medium-sized tree usually grows up to 13 m to 16 m in height. The size of the girth ranges between 100 and 200 cm. Overall, the tree has a dropping structure, and its branches are erect. When the age of sandal tree is two to three years, it starts blossoming. The lanceolate shaped leaves have very thin in design, and the matured fruits of this tree is purple colored. The production of fruits, containing one seed, starts after 3 years.

Amazing formulation to add speed to sandalwood tree growth

We have created a unique and effective formula to benefit the commercial tree cultivators. For the full maturation of sandalwood tree, the cultivators usually take twenty-five years. However, we have manufactured a product to shorten this maturity period. Use our product for sandalwood tree, and it will take just 10 years for full growth. This faster growth will result in increased productivity. Start your sandalwood plantation and get more profit from it. Sandalwood oil is getting a pricier every year. The present rate of 1kg of oil is Rs. 200000. Thus, grow a number of sandalwood trees in your property and they will turn out to be an asset to you.

Use technological advanced product and gain profit from selling sandalwood

92午夜免费福利757We use IPCD technology to increase the rate of oil production and heartwood induction. Our FACE technology also helps in producing higher amount of biomass. For a better growth of plantation, you may use our high-quality products.

In the Asian culture, sandalwood has gained a very high value. The powdered form of the wood is an ingredient for manufacturing the joss sticks, useful in Buddhist and Hindu ceremonies. Sandalwood oil is known for its special perfume, used in creams and soaps. The close-grained sandalwood fibre is also useful for furniture and woodcarvings.

92午夜免费福利757Moreover, we have found the application of oil in the field of Ayurveda. In several countries, this oil is used for treating the fever, piles, infection, colds and bronchitis. The tree is therefore valuable for more than one purpose due to its oil and fragrant heartwood.

The advantages of using two different products for sandalwood

Sandalwood G

92午夜免费福利757Content of the product- Polysaccharides, organic matter and humic component

Sandalwood Booster

92午夜免费福利757Content of the product- Amino acid, vitamin, seaweed and aqueous diluent

Our products are highly effective for the growth of sandalwood and other different plants.

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